Emergent Qabalah

Number, Paths, & Sigils

Arithmology relates the emergence of patterns in numbers to the emergence of patterns in existence, making number a fundamental tool for the generation of meaning. In the system of the C-ov-N the counting numbers are core to the structure of its theories and metaphors.

A key break with other arithmological systems is to reject the base-10 counting system we are familiar with. The patterns within number exist independent of the base. Indeed, the base of the number system can be distracting from spotting the deeper patterns. For example, eleven, 11, is not meaningfully related to 2 even though it is the sum 1+1. This common pattern of summing the digits used in numerology is mathematical gibberish.

Some mathematically interesting properties of eleven is that it is a prime number following the product of 2 and 5. It is next prime number after 7 and a member of the prime pair of eleven and thirteen. A numerical place system and base is obviously useful for representing large numbers, but we find more utility to meditate on the meanings of smaller numbers by use of glyphs constructed in a manner that reflects the nature of the number. C-ov-N uses two systems of numeric sigils. One set is based on the factorization of the number and the other is a binary representation. The first is used for the number in itself and the second is to emphasize the number as sequence. The sigils stop at 31, though this is somewhat, though not entirely, arbitrary. It corresponds roughly to the number of letters and sounds represented in alphabets and days in a lunar cycle. It also allows the sigils to be useful without being overwhelming while the sigils themselves remain simple enough to read and write.

A table of the numbers and their associations:

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Sigils of the spheres

The twelve spheres are given sigils that are combinations of the binary sequential sigils for the 0..11 combined with the factor sigils for the first twelve prime numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31. The first sigil is given the sequence zero and prime number one because these are the identity functions of addition and multiplication, that is adding zero or multiplying by one leave a value unchanged.

Chaos - 0⋮1 - nĕsh-hĭn

Existence emerges spontaneously and without reason from Void. Existence requires no reason. As the Void has no quality whatsoever it is in no way restricted making it the root generative force. This is the fundamental nature of existence. It is spontaneous and without purpose or design. All possibilities assert themselves into being at once, each becoming a “one”, a unity of existence unto itself while retaining nothing in itself.

Emanant Void Magick



Existence spontaneously emanates from nothing for no reason. That which exists which has limits as part of its definition. The non-existent has no limits and so allows all being to emanate from it.

Existence emanates from nothing, but it may build for itself its own structure to prevent itself from collapsing back into non-being. This structure may be static, such as the world of mathematics, or it may swallow non-being into itself as Void to create a dynamic self-organizing system which is constantly in a process of collapsing and emerging. This process is time, the experience of change.

This is the sort of existence that we inhabit. Consciousness is the Void at the center of our being. It emanates existence which self-organizes into dynamic structure that radiates from those forms closest to us, which are those things we call mind, which are somewhat under our control, out to that which manifests through us, beyond us, transcending ourselves to connect to others by a medium of objective existence where we surrender control for stability and the chance to connect with the Void of others beyond ourselves.

Magick is the process of working through the process of emanation of Void in order to shape our existence. Magick is made possible by the fact that existence has Void at its core. There is no fundamental nature of being, no fundamental truth. This allows us to influence existence in any number of ways that provide a structure for emanation to follow. Following chaos magick, we call such structures paradigms.

What emanant void magick adds to chaos magick is a description of the process of emanation which is used as a meta-structure in paradigm building. The process of emanation grows out in several stages of increasing complexity built around numerical relationships. Meanings are assigned to the numbers and the meanings deepen in complexity as needed to match the complexity of a paradigm built out from them.

Emanant void magick is non-dogmatic like chaos magick. The core ideas are laid out here. The numeric relationships are set as aspects such as which numbers are prime is set, but the particular meanings and associations are all mutable to suit the magician or group.


Number is the story of emanation of being from non-being. The sequence from zero towards infinity with each step deepening the complexity of relationships is in everything around us. It isn't that reality is made of number so much as it cannot help but constantly recreate number. The trouble with number is that too many of us learned numbers as a fundamental experience of social control of our mind. Authority telling us to memorize and repeat rather than explore and understand. We experience numbers at school as the first place where we are told that we are wrong. Numbers became sheets of tedious work covered in red marks exposing our mistakes. To return to number it must be experienced anew. Dropping the decimal system is a useful tool for this. The factor glyphs are built up of the relations of emanation itself and can meet the mind as sufficiently alien that numbers may be experienced as they are, fundamental units of the deepest mysteries. The form of the glyphs follows a simple process, though zero and one are outliers being a circle and a vertical line. Two is a straight line. Three is a curve. Five is a spiral. Composite numbers are made by composition of the glyphs of its factors with the largest factors coming first. So six is a curve and a straight line and twelve is a curve and two straight lines, etc. Prime numbers are formed from the glyph of the preceding composite number, moving the straight line to an angle, and putting a cross line through it to indicate the number which follows. Beyond this there are aesthetic choices which may be adapted as suits preferred style.

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